dwight update 9/21

Dear Partners in the Gospel,                                                              
Today is Mid Autumn Moon Festival in Taiwan. It is a time for families to come together to eat a meal and celebrate the harvest and gaze at the moon.  Usually the extended family goes to grandma’s house and they have a BBQ.  But not too many BBQs this year as Covid restrictions discourage large groups getting together for the BBQ in public areas or on roofs.
Sadly our Filipinos were missing out on our usual roof top moon festival BBQ  after our afternoon church service. But things are getting better in Taiwan.  3 months of level 3 lockdown has finally ended.

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Don at Moon festival a few years ago on the church roof.

Most moon festivals you don’t get to see the moon.

Thank you for your prayers.  We began meeting as a church August 22nd and last week a group of girls were finally allowed more than two hours out of their dorm so they could  attend church.

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Social distancing, face masks, but we can meet as a church. God is good.

Your partnership has enabled us to continue this work in Taiwan with Filipino factory workers. And God has answered the many prayers you have been praying. We praise God for God’s great confirmation that He still wants us here until we can get a Filipino pastor.  Thank you to those who answered the Lord’s call to come along side and join us in this ministry. We  are now at 83% support. So for now we can continue to serve him here in Taiwan.   We appreciate your kindness and have been overwhelmed by God’s provision through both onetime gift givers and those who are giving monthly. Opportunities to partner with us until we retire in 2 years continue so if God is calling you to do that you can just click the blue box below.

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Meet Tristan our first grandchild who was born August 20th.  We are thrilled to talk with him once a week.  He is probably wondering who those people are on that little rectangular screen (cell phone) that is always hovering over his face.

Prayers and Praises

  • Please pray for us as we will take a 1 month vacation to see Tristan and our kids  and my 92 year old mom whose health is deteriorating and has been waiting  for me to come home.

  • Pray that my mom will come to know Jesus as her Lord and know His grace and forgiveness. 

  • We will be gone Sept 29-Nov.4 Pray that we can handle the required 14 day quarantine  at a special quarantine hotel when we return.  Don and I have to be in separate rooms. 

  • Praise God for those who will lead the bible studies while we are gone .  Pray especially for Joselle as she begins discipleship bible studies at her dorm- for wisdom,courage and boldness. 

  • Praise the Lord for the 5 Filipino members who signed- up  to preach while we are gone

  • and our missionary  coworker Peter Kim who will preach and lead communion on the first Sundays of the month.

We pray for you all as well  and that God will continue to bless you.
Don and Lillian Dwight