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The Barbara Storm music school

Barbara Strom was the organist who was passionate about passing on the love of music to others. She served in the church and taught students to play the organ. HCC desires to continue to pass on the love of music with students in our community. We want music to be accessible for all students. Scholarships are available for families (applications will be available soon).


About The Instructor

Andrew Hildebrand has been teaching band, choir, guitar and piano classes since 1999 and individual lessons for 40 years.

Andrew is currently the Choir Director and Piano Instructor at Manteca High School. He has served at Hilmar Covenant Church as pianist/organist, vocal soloist, and worship team member for 35 years.

Andrew H.jpeg

Next Steps

Both individual lessons (30-60 minutes depending on the student) and weekly group classes (3-5 students for a 60 minute class) are offered. We will need a minimum of 3 students for a class. Open for 5th-12th grade students.

  • Individual lessons: 30 minute lesson- $37; 60 minute lesson $70

  • Group classes: $25 a class


Please fill out the survey below to help determine which classes to offer.

The summer workshops for piano and ukulele will be a 3 week workshop beginning on July 8th.


There will be six 60 minute classes located in our Family Center.


Monday and Wednesdays for $150

Register below:

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