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noren update 12/22

Dear Friends,
Joy to the world!  The Lord is come; let earth receive her King!
   As I think about joy this season, it reminds me that God is with me.  I can have deep satisfaction that God is here and be motivated to walk in ways that help the earth and its people receive God as King.  After several years of pandemic-restricted travel, it has been wonderful to see RFIS alumni able to visit their families this December.  As I see former students growing and maturing in faith, John's message echoes my feelings:  "I have no greater joy than to the hear that my children are walking in the truth" (3 John 4).  As he writes, he urges Gaius to faithfully and tangibly love fellow believers, even if they are strangers.

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Thank you, you who have supported us financially, so that we can continue to speak the truth in love here, and thank you for prayer for RFIS despite the fact that many of the students are strangers to you.  It is a beautiful thing to be working together for God.  This is a kind of sustained impact ministry that would not be possible without continued support.

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Highlights this quarter:
RFIS Student Council has been active: International Week, school watching Cameroon's World Cup game together on American Thanksgiving day; Christmas party hosting kids from several orphanages to play games and celebrate with the students...
RFIS worship team - great group of 10 students, leading about 7 songs for worship each Wednesday; they keep growing in their confidence at leading and playing well.  My informal focus this year with them has been "Play skillfully, and sing for joy to the Lord."
Bible Club/Children's Prayer time - we have met several times now, once each month.  The children in my friend's neighborhood love to come, sing, hear a story, and color a page with the verse.
Karl's book (on Biblical financial principles for modern central Africans) has now been translated into French, and a few copies are printed and disbursed

Thank you, all of you, who have been faithfully giving so that we can continue this ministry.  Please continue to pray.  We believe that only as God works through us and in the hearts of the students, that our efforts can be effective long-term.

We continue to ask God for

- strength, health, and the financial resources to continue teaching and discipling youth here in Cameroon at RFIS

- peaceful resolution to conflicts within the country

- wisdom in teaching and in cross-cultural relationships
- good discernment in using our time at home, at RFIS, and in partnership development

Thank you, friends, for your prayers and support.  To God be the glory for what he has done through us together.

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