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noren update 9/23

Dear Friends,

On August 28th, we welcomed new and returning students back to RFIS for the new academic year. The summer allowed us to spend more time with our kids and have a change in our routines.  We got to do a few fun things - one kid participated in soccer camp, we had weekly music ensemble time with others in the community, we took a weekend trip to visit a friend's village, and we made it to the beach. However, we are also ready to be back in a more regular schedule now and Karl was happy to hand back the many keys and responsibilities that came to him over the summer while other staff were away!

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This year Karl is teaching four science courses at RFIS and Mary is teaching high-school choir and middle-school music. We both continue to be involved in many of the other tasks around the school and the Covenant property that keeps things functioning.

Please join us in giving God praise for the following items:

A safe and fun summer with our kids
A profitable and work-filled summer: many small projects completed 
A good transition of responsibilities
The safe arrival of a new Kenyan English teacher and his wife at RFIS
The safe return of teachers and staff
A wonderful start to a new school year with many new students
The safe birth of a new baby girl to our downstairs neighbors

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Please pray along with us for:

Continued wisdom and diligence to teach and disciple our students out of a love for Jesus Christ

Health for our family and friends

Recovery of our gardener's wife from extensive water burns that resulted in three weeks of hospitalization

Peace in the far north and in the north-western corner where a lengthy political crisis has resulted in uncertainty and loss of homes. 

Continued peace in this region (there have been several major political upheavals in other African countries recently)

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With our mailchimp update, we try to update every few months.  For those of you interested in more frequent news, I update my facebook page with regular pictures for our folks.  (Mary Samuelson Noren).  God bless you all.

Karl & Mary Noren

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