kidSPACE is now in person!
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At kidSPACE we partner with parents to guide their children to ask Jesus to be their forever friend and in discovering how much He loves them. Here you will find all that we do to try and facilitate this, especially during this difficult time. 

When you join us in-person: 
kidSPACE will take place on Sunday mornings at 10 a.m in the main church building. 
What to expect?
When you arrive on campus at Hilmar Covenant, there will be signs guiding you to the service building. Kids will remain with their family during the beginning of service and after worship, they will be dismissed to kidSPACE. Before the benediction, kids will be brought back to their family. 
Safety is our number one priority so please be sure to stop by our check in station. Here a volunteer will greet you and guide you through our quick, computerized check in process. This increases classroom security and provides quick and easy access to families attending the service. Please allow a few extra minutes on your first visit to register or pre-register by clicking here! 
Join the Family!
Weekly Lesson Videos
4.25.2021 ~ Week 4
Bible Point: Show Others You Care by Being Part of the Solution
Bible Story: 1 Samuel 25

This is our final week learning about Peace! In your life, there’ll be times when you’ll be around people who don’t get along. And you know what? God can use YOU to be part of the solution. You can be like a bridge that helps make peace and bring people together. And if the problem is too big for you, you can ask an adult for help! Today we'll see how God used Abigail to be a peacemaker.

March Lesson Videos

Ashley Vargas

Children's Ministry Coordinator: K-5

209-668-0400 x.12


Please feel free to contact me with any and all questions or concerns!