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Rooted High School

The High School Ministry (RHS) aims to glorify God by making disciples who will impact every area of the world for Christ. We want students to come to a saving knowledge of Christ and to see how all of our lives are to be lived in submission to Him as Lord and Savior.


High School

The primary value that we thread through everything we do in Rooted High School is the gospel. Our worship, our teaching, and how we interact with one another is driven by a clear and growing understanding of the good news offered in Christ.


In our teaching, we place the Bible in its proper place, which for the Christian it is the ultimate authority in our lives. So you can expect to go through books of the Bible and large sections of scripture, and we will do our best to contextualize the particular passage for each high school student.


We endeavor to bring praise and glory to God, so on a Sunday night, we hope that you might learn and grow to that end within the context of Christian community.

Ten Pin Bowling and Arcade 

Every month, Rooted Youth does an off-campus event. This is a time for students to have fun and experience new things and allow them to invite their unbelieving friends who may not feel comfortable coming to our Wednesday night service.

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