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hilmar christian children's center


The Hilmar Christian Children's Center is licensed for children from ages two years up to fourteen. We are designed to meet the needs of working parents, as well as the parents who wish their children to have some preschool experiences before attending kindergarten.

Our school is operated on a non-discriminatory policy, according equal treatment and service to all without regard to race, color, religion, national origin or ancestry. Non-ambulatory children will be accepted to our program if our program will meet their needs.

PHILOSOPHY: The development of a child is not something to be left to chance, nor to be accelerated. Children develop at different rates and in different ways, and each child is a unique individual. We shall safeguard and 

promote the Christian moral and spiritual values, ensure the physical well-being and advance the social skills and academic awareness of each child in our care.

HCCC is very blessed to have one of the nation's top experts in early childhood education as our curriculum advisor. Our curriculum framework, which she helped us develop, addresses the primary domains of development and early learning:

  • Language development - receptive and expressive language including a literacy component.

  • Cognitive development - including problem-solving, logical and critical thinking, exploration and number skills.

  • Motor development - gross and fine motor competence.

  • Creative development - including music, visual arts, movement and dramatic play.

  • Spiritual development - including an understanding of the principles of Christian living, familiarity with Bible stories and inherent lessons.

  • Social and Emotional development - including positive self-concept, self-control, cooperation and social relationships.


Our hours of operation are from 6:45 am to 5:45 pm, Monday thru Friday. For more information concerning our daily schedule and prices, please call us at 209-632-2273.

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