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wickstrom update 2/23

Dear Friends for Congo,

    This morning, the song stuck in my head is “Yonso mpo na yo.  Yonso mpo na yo.”  It is a favorite song to start a time of prayer (singing and prayer are tightly linked in Congo) and literally means “Everything for you.  Everything for you.”  That is not how I always act, but it is my true desire.

     In December, I told of the centennial celebration of Protestant missions in the Ubangi.  I also shared that I would be making trips to Congo in January and March.  The January trip is history but I am heading back again February 26.  I will be in Congo a month and then will likely be in the U.S. from April through July.  I am hoping that I can use that time to meet some of you in person.  In particular, I hope to make a trip to Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin in May and possibly to spend the month of June on the West Coast.  If you have not already done so, please contact me to arrange a visit.

In January, I traveled to Congo with Africa Coordinator for Covenant missions, Rev. Josef Rasheed, to observe the CEUM biennial business meeting.  It was a time of peaceful and unified celebration with delegates coming from all 46 regions of the CEUM.  Some traveled three days by boat and motorcycle to get to Karawa.  Rev. Rasheed gave the opening message and assured the CEUM that the American Covenant remained committed to our partnership and to the administration of President Theophile Duale Langba.

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Peace, Unity, and Partnership were three central themes of the meetings.  The only thing that marred the work and celebration were reports of continuing unrest caused by groups that have broken away from the CEUM for a variety of reasons.  Please continue to pray for the CEUM.  We in the Covenant are no strangers to dissension, and we need to remember our brothers and sisters in Congo.

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Some delegates headed for home on Friday, but many waited until Saturday morning and the distribution of several barrels of fuel to help with their travel expense.  When I think of the long journeys these dedicated servants of God had to make, I

can’t help being inspired.  “Yonso mpo na yo.”  “Everything for you.”

After flying to DC, Addis Ababa, and Douala, I will arrive in Bangui Monday evening.  Tuesday I will cross the river to Zongo and catch a ride to Gemena and Karawa.  There I will join the CEUM in celebrating a delegation from Serve Globally, including new Executive Minister, Grace Shim..  I will remain with them until they leave the following Tuesday and then work with the CEUM department heads on project proposals once again.  Our goal will be to complete a collection of integrated proposals and submit them to our Covenant partners by the end of March.  Finally, I hope to make a trip to Bokada, Goyongo, and Bosobolo if all goes well.  As with previous trips outside of Gemena and Karawa, my purpose will be to simply listen to people to get to know them better, and by listening, to encourage.

     I praise God for each of you who care about Congo.  I am especially grateful for those God has blessed with the ability to support me financially, because my support level is not what it should be.  Indeed, I praise God for limitations , for they bring meaning to our lives.  

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Yours in Christ,

Craig M. Wickstrom

❏    Please pray for safe and smooth travel for me this trip.  I have run into complications with every trip I have made to Congo in the past two years.
❏    Praise God for his faithfulness and for his faithful servants in the CEUM.
❏    Please pray that peace might come to the CEUM and that Christ’s body will grow both in size and maturity.
❏    Please pray for the meetings of President DUALE and the Serve Globally leadership visiting next week.
❏    Please continue to pray for Cheryl as I leave her at home alone once again.
❏    Please pray for my anticipated project work and listening trip.


Checks payable to “Evangelical Covenant Church” may be sent to:


Serve Globally
P.O. Box 773420
Chicago, IL  60677-3420
(Memo: “Wickstrom Support - Congo")

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