wickstrom update 7/21

Dear Friends for Congo,

     After receiving my recent update describing the devastating July 16 destruction of the Karawa Central Pharmacy, many of you immediately asked how you could help.  I responded individually that the Paul Carlson Partnership was formulating a response together with the Covenant Church in Congo (the CEUM) but that I expected a dedicated link to appear on their giving page immanently.  By July 22 that link was in place.

    To make donations to benefit the Pharmacy recovery, please go to https://www.paulcarlson.org/donate-now/ and click on the “Karawa Pharmacy Fire Relief” button.  The trickiest part of this process will be remembering to select “Karawa Fire Relief” from the “Please select your designation” button on the right side of the screen - just below the box where you indicate the amount you are donating.

    In the past week, the CEUM has contacted the Congolese government and many NGOs to request emergency assistance.  They have also requested reserve pharmacy funds and that money should arrive


in Congo next week.  Meanwhile, they have received emergency supplies from other CEUM health centers, a senator, and other foundations and NGOs, and they have received some essential equipment from the Loko hospital.  At the same time, they have begun work on a long term plan with the Paul Carlson Partnership.


    Thank you for your prayers on behalf of our brothers and sisters in Congo.  The pharmacy stored medicines and equipment used by the hospital at Karawa, but also medicines used by 50 to 100 health centers throughout three provinces.  Also lost in the fire was a substantial amount of cash, computer equipment, furnishings, laundry used in sterile environments, and a library with resources dating back to colonial times.  We are reminded, once again, that our true home is not this world, but that we seek a new home in the presence of God, Himself.

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    I thank you for caring about Congo and also about my personal ministry journey.  Don’t forget that additional resources are available at:



Yours in Christ,


❏    Praise God for the surprises that He brings into our lives and that help form us as disciples.
❏    Praise God for the peaceful conclusion of an important council meeting of the Covenant Church in Congo.
❏    Please pray for the CEUM and particularly for its medical team as it continues to serve in the face of the devastating loss of its central pharmacy.
❏    Praise God for the Paul Carlson Partnership and the resources God has given it to serve the CEUM.
❏    Praise God for each person who joins in conversation to reinforce the relationship of the Covenant churches in America and Congo.