2/17: Our first chapter in our Lenten reading is Luke 1. Two of the most beautiful passages in Scripture are the Magnificat (Mary's song) and Zechariah's song. If you were to sing a song to God, what would you sing about? ~Pastor Bud

2/18: Our 2/18 Lenten reading is Luke 2. It can develop a new perspective reading about the birth of Jesus in February. At the end of the chapter Mary and Joseph look all over for the boy, Jesus and find him at the temple. Where are you looking for Jesus today? Where will you find him?

2/19: In Luke 3 we see Jesus' heavenly heritage in his baptism and his earthly heritage in his lineage.

2/20: Our last chapter this week is Luke 4. Jesus tempted. Jesus rejected. Jesus popular. Jesus powerful. Jesus preaching. Even in the midst of all this activity there is a focused sense of purpose and love of people.

2/22: In chapter 5 Luke introduces us to Jesus' disciples and his opposition (the Pharisees). In many ways the very people Jesus selected to be his disciples would have been overlooked by society while his detractors would have been esteemed. How can you hear more of Jesus' voice today and less of the noise of the world?

2/23: We read in Luke 6 what is de-valued in the world is highly valued in the Kingdom of God. Jesus talks about upside down the world's values are compared to Kingdom values. Take some time today to reflect on the values that drive your decisions. Where are those values aligned?

2/25: In the middle of Luke 8 it gets real for the disciples. Jesus calms the wind and waves... Jesus stops a storm with a rebuke.

"Who is this?" the disciples question. Have you ever had a "Who is this?" moment with Jesus?

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