covid faqs

what is hcc's policy on masks?

We recognize that there is a wide spectrum of opinions when it comes to masks. We also recognize that recommendations have not always been clear or consistent. We are currently recommending masks, but not requiring them. We ask that you respect those around you and their feelings toward masks and physical contact. Before sitting near someone or giving hugs, please ask the other person to make sure it's okay with them.

what if i test positive for covid?

If you attended a worship gathering or other ministry gathering, we ask that you call the HCC office immediately. We will then disclose to the other attendees that they may have been exposed to COViD. We will not disclose your name or other details.

Please follow the CDC guidelines ( Quarantine for at least 14-days. Out of an abundance of care for others who may have drastically adverse effects from COViD, we ask that you do not return to church gatherings until you test negative or have no symptoms for 14 days.

what if i have been exposed to covid?

Please follow the CDC guidelines ( Quarantine for at least 14-days or until you receive a negative COViD test. Contact your medical professional if you have symptoms.

to what groups is the hcc facility open?

The office is open, but we are still asking for a phone call or appointment before dropping by the office. Currently, the facility is open to church ministries that emphasize evangelism, discipleship, worship and compassion/justice activities. This means that our youth, children, worship and food ministries are open. We will be opening up to Bible Studies as soon as we have determined rooms large enough to allow for distancing. Fellowship-based church activities will then begin using the facility. Finally, we will reopen to community activities.

when will all restrictions lift?

Hopefully, soon! We will be keeping close track of how vaccinations are being distributed and how cases are declining in north Merced and south Stanislaus counties.

how's the staff doing?

Our staff and ministry leaders have adapted well to COViD. The uncertain and constantly changing communication has been wearisome. Unpredictability and the unique nature of this pandemic has required more mental, emotional and time investment from our staff.

Please pray for them as they continue to minister in this environment. Just like you, our staff have family and loved ones with pre-existing conditions whom they are trying to protect from being exposed to COViD.