Update Meeting Documents

Here are the documents that were discussed at April 25th's update meeting:

Forming a Pastoral Search Team - if you are interested in serving on the search team for Senior Pastor or Director of Worship Arts, please contact Wade Fullmer

Director of Worship Arts Description

Pastor Theo's Renewal Leave Info

HCC Book Club

New book started April 20th.

We are read N.T. Wright's Surprised by Scripture. Come join us in a friendly, listening group of believers via Zoom. Contact Art with questions or desire to get emails.

Home Needed

A member of our Hilmar Covenant family, Hank Tolsma, is very much in need of housing. He is needing a new home as soon as possible. If you know of any available housing, please contact Pastor Bud as soon as possible.

Volunteers Needed!

New volunteers needed for USDA food boxes! We have lost three men who helped move food items from pallet to table and boxes into vehicles. If you can handle a bit of “heavy lifting” for two hours one morning a month, contact Marie Anderson, USDA coordinator (209-678-5869).
USDA food distribution is the fourth Tuesday of each month.

Centennial Book

The long-awaited Hilmar Covenant Church Centennial Book from 2002 is finally finished being edited! This 100-page book is available from Shutterfly. You can access the book here. Normally, a publication this size is quite expensive, however, from time to time books this size are offered at Shutterfly’s base price of $30 plus shipping. If you would like to order the book at this much reduced price, send your contact information to Carolyn Brown at so we can compile a list. When the special deal is available, you will be contacted, given the link for the book, and you can order your Centennial book. You will need a Shutterfly account.
The history of our church and community was beautifully written by Lloyd Ahlem and the photos that accompany the story are captivating. Contact Carolyn soon.

Church Directory Update

We are working on updating the church directory. If any of your contact information (address, phone number, email address, etc.) has changed in the past year, please let us know. Also if you know of changes in contact information for other members or regular attenders, please tell the office. 209-668-0400 or

Phone Tree 

If you would like to be put on the phone tree to receive calls and/or texts about prayer requests, announcements, and/or general church information, please contact the office. 209-668-0400 or